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Dec 23, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

When I was a kid, I was always suspicious of Santa Claus and often wondered, “… if there’s no snow, how and why does he use a sleigh?” 

Well it turns out I wasn’t alone. 

There was a wiseass kid from New Jersey thinking the same thing! 

Sit back and enjoy Song Snatch #216, when Joe Pesci...

Dec 22, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

No matter what the season, or how hard you try, or how many distractions there are around this time of the year, some people just can’t stop thinking about turning every holiday image into their own sick thoughts about having sex! 

Just look to Santa Barbara, CA pop punkers, Nerf Herder in Song...

Dec 21, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

There’s no escape.

It’s Christmas.

You either love it or hate it. 

Check out English comedian, actor, and comedic composer, Eric Idle, in Song Snatch #214 and you’ll hear a rousing, live recording of him telling you exactly how he thinks and feels about the holiday with his song,

Dec 20, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

Christmas is a time for gift giving. 

And it’s such a blast trying to figure out the perfect present for someone you love and seeing the satisfied look on their face. 

I don’t know about you, but I also enjoy getting a little something for myself too. 

And this year I’m taking a cue from the...

Dec 19, 2015

Hello Music Lovers-

There are at least three kinds of people at Christmas. 

Those who understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

Those who have no idea of the true meaning of Christmas. 

And those who are very confused about the true meaning of Christmas. 

I’d put Marblehead, MA rapper, No Talent in the confused...