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Enjoy the best new adult comedy songs in about 5 minutes or less!

Your host, comedy music singer/songwriter Red Peters, scans the planet

to find and celebrate funny, outrageous, uncensored, original songs! 




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Aug 27, 2014

Have you seen or heard the new Top 10 Song Snatches?

Some great tunes.

It's hard to believe there are 3 Christmas songs in the top 20! 

Check out the greatest hits and I bet you'll find your very own favorites along the way.

Don't forget, these songs are for imMature Adults...

Aug 25, 2014

Hello Music Lovers-

As we’ve seen recently, some politicians say stupid things that limit or end their careers and here’s a true story I had never heard before that completely blew my mind! 

In October 1976, Earl Butz, the Secretary of Agriculture under Presidents Nixon and Ford, resigned after making obscene and...

Aug 21, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

Some call it the breakfast of champions and no, I’m not talking about Wheaties. 

Nothing starts the day like a little sex. 

And who can sing about it better than the Madison, Wisconsin duo, Brat in Song Snatch #110, with their tune, “Blow Job”! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and...

Aug 19, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

How would you respond if you were driving down the road minding your own business when some jerk comes along, cuts you off, causing you to swerve and almost go off the road? 

Do you violently chase them down, wave your arms, use finger gestures and shout obscenities? 

Tune into Song Snatch...

Aug 15, 2014

Hello music lovers- 

We’ve all been there. 

Zooming down the highway, making good time when we come up upon a motorist barely going the speed limit, hogging the passing lane. 

Soon there’s a line of cars backed up as far as the eye can see and nothing you do gets the prick to move over and switch lanes! 

Tune into