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Your host, comedy music singer/songwriter Red Peters, scans the planet

to find and celebrate funny, outrageous, uncensored, original songs! 




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Apr 7, 2017

Hello Music Lovers-

Have fun and sing-along to this karaoke version of "Let's All Tweet!". (lyrics included)

“LET’S ALL TWEET!” karaoke

A parody of “Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing” by Robert Hargreaves, Stanley J. Damerell & Tolchard Evans

Parody lyrics by Red Peters and Babe Marino

(vocal comes in at...

Apr 6, 2017

Hello Music Lovers-  

For the past few weeks, I've been singing the Disney song, “Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing” every night while prepping the coffeemaker before going to bed. I figure it’s because I have 7 chickens and I was probably thinking of them, right? But who knows. 

Anyway, I woke up the other...

Nov 4, 2016

Hello Music Lovers-

The music business is a tough racket to be in, and in the digital age the chances that your songs will be played or promoted on the radio and on-line music programs are somewhere between slim and none.

You beg and cajole and bombard their websites with requests and emails with no success.

So now...

Jan 2, 2016

Hello Music Lovers- 

A new year is here and it's time to reflect and say get the f..., I mean good-bye to the old.

And sometimes at the end of the year (or night), whether it’s at the bar or club or even at a party at your house, no matter how many hints you drop or how nicely you ask, some people just...

Dec 29, 2015

Hello Music Lovers- 

As we look around it’s easy to see the world’s a friggin’ mess. 

Faltering economies, social unrest, bipartisan bickering, gridlock, extreme weather, middle east tensions- so much hate and anger. 

But you know something? 

There’s not a heck of a lot you and I can do about it, except...