SONG SNATCH #221- "BJ To The DJ" by Folk Uke

Hello Music Lovers-

The music business is a tough racket to be in, and in the digital age the chances that your songs will be played or promoted on the radio and on-line music programs are somewhere between slim and none.

You beg and cajole and bombard their websites with requests and emails with no success.

So now what? What’s an artist to do?

Well, there’s one tried and true method that has worked since the beginning of radio and popular recorded music.

And what would that be?

Find out in Song Snatch #221 and hear Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie of the Austin, TX duo, Folk Uke sing their brand new song, “BJ To A DJ”!

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 21 seconds)

(You can learn more about Folk Uke's new album “Starfucker” and download all their songs and watch their videos at


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THE SONG SNATCH- complete list of songs in alphabetical order

Hello Music Lovers-

Sometimes I take time off from hosting The Song Snatch to work on new or other people's projects. But, I usually find a handful of brand-new songs along the way and I can't wait to play them!

Btw, if you hear about, or write and record good, original funny adult comedy songs, or know of any artists that should be featured on The Song Snatch, drop me a line or send mp3s to

I'd love to hear them.

In the meantime, I've compiled a MASTER LIST of more than 175 songs I've played on The Song Snatch and listed them in alphabetical order below with hot links to each episode.

So, it's easier and more fun than ever to find your favorite new songs!

For me, just reading the song titles alone is a laugh and a half!

So enjoy the music and have a good time, and if you feel like writing, I'm at

Until then my friends, keep taking the pills and don't scratch.

I'm getting the fuck outta here!


Thanks a pantload-






(in alphabetical order)



“A Blowjob Is Better Than No Job” by The Beaver Boys


“And I’m Thinking About You” by Jackie Martling


“A Place” by Dick Butt Kiss & The Tight Ends


“All I Did Was Just Fuck Her” by Larry Pierce


“Angry Anthem” by The Forces Of Evil


“Assbasing Public Service Announcement” by Red Peters


“Aw Fuck You” by Mr. Dickie Weed



“Baby Got A Butt” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“The Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains” by Red Peters & Smelly Water


“Bangin’ The Possessed” by King Con


“5 Big Boners Wiggling In Your Grandma’s Face” by Rappy McRapperson


“$25 Blow Job” by Van Stone


"BJ To The DJ" by Folk Uke


“Blow Job” by Brat


“Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)” by Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers


“Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)” a duet by Red Peters and Todd Rundgren


“Bowling For Bitches” by Stefan Lage’



“The Christmas Gift (Just A Little Christmas Blowjob)” by Red Peters and Margaret Cho


“Christmas Waltz (Fuck That)” by Erin McKeown


“Chucky The Christmas Rat” by Q


“The Closing Song (Get The Fuck Out!)” by Red Peters and Dumpster Punch


“Cock In The Pussy” by Cock Lorge


“Cold Blooded Christmas” by Jon Lajoie


“Coulter’s Snatch” by Hamell On Trial


“Cunnilingus” by Dick Butt Kiss & The Tight Ends



“Darktown After Dark” by Loose Shoes


“Destination Dirtpipe” by William H Nutsack


“Dick Nibbler’s All-Star Weenie Roast” by Lance Norris and Dog Track Gravy


“Did You Ever Wonder?” by Pig Vomit


"Don't Fuck Around With Love" by The Blenders


“Do You Take It In The Ass?” by The Wet Spots


“Dueling Assholes” by Unknown Artists



“Enema Countdown” by DaVinci’s Notebook


“Enormous Penis” by DaVinci’s Notebook


“Everybody’s Out To Fuck You” by The Beanweevils


“Everyday Normal Guy” by Jon Lajoie



“Family Dog” by Eric Travis Wilson


“Fat Pussy” by Stefan Lage’


“First” by Cock Lorge


“Five Pounds” by Probing Digit


“Food And Pussy” by Dan Reeder


“The Fox” by MacLean & MacLean


“Fuck Christmas” by Eric Idle


“Fuck Off” by The Dildos


“Fuck The Shit” by Sons Of Butcher


“Fuck Ya” by MacLean & MacLean


"Fuck You" by Biker Joe Warren


“Fuck You” by Cameron Bameron


“Fuck You” by Garfunkel & Oates


“Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas” by Crudbump


“Fucked Your Momma’s’s Face” by 4.5” Raw


“Funky Butt Lovin’” by Dick Butt Kiss & The Tight Ends



"Gangsta Rap Christmas" by No Talent


“Get Out Of The Left Lane You Stupid Sumbitch!” by Alabama Big Earl


“Gimme Stuff” by Rappy McRapperson


“Give The Jew Girl Toys” by Sarah Silverman


“Go Fuck Yourself” by Crudbump


“Good Hard Fuckin’” by Larry Pierce


“Grab Your Ankles, I Love You” by Brian Weeks



“Hampsters” by The Tiger Lilies


“The Hand Of The Almighty” by John R. Butler


“Have Another Drink On Me” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“Have A Wonderful Hawaiian Christmas” by Red Peters & The Delicious Dips


“Here’s To Chicks That Fuck” by King Con


“Her Shit Don’t Stink” by Ken Turetzky


“He’s An Asshole” by Francine, The Queen Of Obscene


“High As Fuck” by Jon Lajoie


“Holy Shit, I Gotta Pee” by Pig Vomit


“Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!” by Red Peters and The New Christy Hamsters


"How's Your Whole... Family?" by The Garbonzos


“How’s Your Whole… Family?” by Red Peters and The Poisonaires


“Hot White Cum” by Liz Phair



“I-95 Asshole Song” by August Campbell & The Spur Of The Moment Band


“I Can’t Say These Things” by Red Peters


“I Don’t Do Shit” by Crudbump


“I’d Like To Fuck The Shit Outta You (Fuckin’ In The Butt)” by David Allan Coe


“If I Had The Copyright (On The Word Fuck)” by Carla Ulbrich


“If It Doesn’t Snow This Christmas” by Joe Pesci as Vincent Laguardia Gambini


“If You Ain’t Country, You Ain’t Shit” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“If You Don’t want To Get Pregnant (Suck A Dick)” by UTFO


“I Gotta Take A Shit” by Roach


“I Hate People (Because They Really Suck)” by Gus & The Snowmen


“I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas” by Nerf Herder


“I Jerk Off At Work” by William H Nutsack


“I Love Your Tits” by The Fools


“I’m Too tired (To Masturbate)” by Uncle Carl


“Innocence Of Youth” by Kurt Johnson & The Real Happy Hour


“I Ran Out Of Toilet Paper” by Terrible Tim


“Is It In Yet?” by Pig Vomit


“It’s Christmas And You’re Sucking On My Balls” by The Beaver Boys


“It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long” by The Notorious Cherry Bombs


“It’s So Hard To Say I Love You (When You’re Sitting On My Face) by Marty & The Mufftones


“I Wanna Polka Polka” by Red Peters and The Ivan Offlecockich Orchestra


“I Wanna Rock You Hard This Christmas” by The Dan Band


“I Wanna Suck Your Pussy ‘Til Your Head Caves In” by Rich ‘n Famous


“I Want To Fuck You” by Wim De Bie


“I Want You” by Cock Lorge


“I Want Your Pussy” by Stankyman



“Jalalalalabad” by Red Peters (special thanks to Bruce Arnold and Orpheus)


“Jerkin’” by Hamell On Trial


“Jerkin’ Off Tonight” by Little Mikey Roohan


“Jerk-Wad Dip Shit” by The Frantics



“Kiss My Ass” by Denis Leary & The Enablers



“The Laughing Dumbass” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“The Legend Of Sean O’Malley” by Dickie Weed


“Let’s Do It Doggy Style (So We Can Both Watch TV)” by Red Peters and Meat Raffle


“Let My Penis Grow” by Whitie McWhitevich


“Little Peter” by Red Peters and The Dusty Underbed Orchestra


“Looking For Pussy” by Dr. Hook



“Merry Fuckin’ Christmas” by Denis Leary


“Merry Fuckin’ Christmas” by Larry Pierce


“Merry Fuckin’ Christmas” by Those Dreaded Gnats


“Motherfucker Got Fucked Up” by Folk Uke


“The Muff Hair Song” by The Clamsmen


“My Girl” by Cock Lorge


“My Goo Flew All Over You” by Rich ‘n Famous


“My Penis Is Too Large” by Terrible Tim


“My Shit’s Fucked Up” by Warren Zevon



“Naughty Or Nice” by Francine, The Queen Of Obscene


“New Cape Cod” by Red Peters & The Alan Pinchloaf Singers


“Nothing Like A Good Shit After Christmas Dinner” by Alabama Big Earl



“Oggie The Doggie Bag Slicer” by Red Peters


“One Of Them Guys” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“Only A Stranger’s Cock” by Jessica Delfino


“Over And Over” by Probing Digit



“Petey The Wonder Dog” by Mr. Dickie Weed


“Pizzaman” by Cisco Kid



“3rd Race At The Honeymoon Is Over Downs” by Nixon Abria


“The Recycler” by Probing Digit


“Road Rage” by Poop House Reilly


“Rocket In My Pants” by Red Peters and The Joy Kingoff Singers


“Rock Out With Your Cock Out” by 4.5” Raw


“The Rodeo Song” by Garry Lee and Showdown



"Save Me A Piece Of Nookie Pie This Thanksgiving" by Rich 'n Famous


“The Sex Song” by Tastiskank


“She Farts Whenever She Comes” by Bob Garrett’s Banned


“She Only Likes Girls” by Larry Pierce and –itis


“Shit Makes The Flowers Grow” by Folk Uke


“Shit My Pants” by Kat McSnatch


“Short Dick Man” by 20 Fingers (featuring Gillette)


"Silent Butt Deadly Night" by Jingle Smells


“Smell Yo’ Dick” by Riskay, The Drama Queen


“Sno’ Balls” by Rudy Casoni



“Tap’n That Ass” by Stefan Lage’


“The Ten Second National Anthem” by Red Peters


"There's A Critter Up My Shitter" by Alabama Big Earl


“There’s A Picture…” by Eric Schwartz


“This Bitch Is Alright” by Marc from sick animation


“Tits And Whiskey” by Mary Prankster


“The Two Gay Irishmen” by Red Peters


“Two In The Pink” by The Dirty Dogz



“Vagina” by Pig Vomit


“Vagina Bound” by The Frantics



“We Can Fuck” by The Preoccupied Pipers


“We Fucked In The Rain” by Larry Pierce


“What About Blowjobs?” by Reggie Watts


“What Do I Gotta Do To Get Some Head?” by Nixon Abria


“What’s It Gonna Be?” by Mike O’Connell


"(WWJE) What Would Jesus Eat?" by Charlie Cockpit


“When I Jerk Off, I Think Of You” by Red Peters


“When You’re Screwin’ Other Women (Think Of Me)” by Doyle & Debbie


“Why Me God? (Everybody’s Fucking But Me)” by Durwood Douche’


“Will You Swallow My Come?” by Larry Pierce


“Who Ya Fuckin’?” by The Wild Billz


“The Work Song” by Dan Reeder


“Why Don’t You Go Fuck Yourself (This Christmas)” by Niki Luparelli



“You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit For Christmas!” by Red Peters


“You Promised The Moon (But I Preferred Uranus)” by Red Peters


“You Suck” by Consolidated and The Yeastie Girlz


“Your Sister” by TQ and Too $hort





Artist Spotlight #1- Ed Hamell, Hamell On Trial ("Coulter's Snatch")


Artist Spotlight #2- Cathy Guthrie & Amy Nelson FOLK UKE ("Motherfucker Got Fucked Up")


Artist Spotlight #3- Soda Pop, The Trailer Park Gangsta ("Trailer Park Gangsta")


Artist Spotlight #4- Mr. Dickie Weed ("Aw Fuck You!")


Artist Spotlight #5- Melissa Mohr (author of "Holy Shit! A Brief History Of Swearing")


Artist Spotlight #6- Mike O’Connell ("What's It Gonna Be?")


Artist Spotlight #7- Carla Ulbrich ["If I Had The Copyright (To The Word Fuck")]


Artist Spotlight #8- Titler ("You Liver Lipped Son Of A Bitch")








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SONG SNATCH #220- REPLAY "The Closing Song" by Red Peters and Dumpster Punch

Hello Music Lovers- 

A new year is here and it's time to reflect and say get the f..., I mean good-bye to the old.

And sometimes at the end of the year (or night), whether it’s at the bar or club or even at a party at your house, no matter how many hints you drop or how nicely you ask, some people just won’t leave. 

So what do you do? 

How about telling them to get the fuck out! 

Lesson learned in Song Snatch #220, in a song that I, Red Peters recorded with Dumpster Punch that does the trick every time, and a great way to clear out the old and make room for the new called “The Closing Song (Get The Fuck Out!). 

(running time- 4 minutes and 41 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Red’s songs at and even download and sing-along to a karaoke version at

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