SONG SNATCH #184- "Destination Dirtpipe" by William H Nutsack

Hello Music Lovers-

The other day, for work research, I watched a very interesting adult film about girls who love cake and other “fattening” ingredients.

In the film, I heard a smoking hot song written and performed by it’s multi-talented LA porn director. 

Hold onto your hogs for Song Snatch #184 (and be sure to turn down the volume for this one- it’s extra nasty!) when you listen to William H Nutsack and his delightful ditty, “Destination Dirtpipe”!

(episode running time- 2 minutes and 41 seconds)

(You can hear more songs and follow William H Nutsack on twitter @williamhnutsack)

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SONG SNATCH #183- "Short Dick Man" by 20 Fingers (featuring Gillette)

Hello Music Lovers-

You can say all you want about how certain recording artists in pop and rap denigrate women and treat them as sex objects in their songs.

But what if the tables were turned and it was a woman who was doing the bashing?

Tune into Song Snatch #183 and hear the hip house group, 20 Fingers featuring NJ rapper, Sandra Gillette with their 1994 hit, “Short Dick Man”!

 (episode running time- 4 minutes and 38 seconds)

(You can learn more about 20 Fingers featuring rapper, Gillette at and, and download their songs at amazon and iTunes.)

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