SONG SNATCH #170- "I Hate People (Because They Really Suck)" by Gus & The Snowmen

Hello Music Lovers- 

After a long cold winter, it’s easy to develop a bad attitude. 

Everyone is in a shitty mood. 

They’re desperate, impatient, impolite, in a hurry, pushy, ignorant, nasty, inconsiderate and selfish.

But besides that? Hey… they’re a great bunch of people. 


Sing along to Song Snatch #170 to a tune from Gus & The Snowmen that could easily become the anthem of today. It’s called, “I Hate People (Because They Really Suck)! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 9 seconds) 

(You can hear and download this song and more of the same off the “This Is Offensive” album at

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SONG SNATCH #169- "If You Don't Wanna Get Pregnant (Suck A Dick)" by UTFO

Hello Music Lovers- 

If you’re naïve, it wouldn’t take much to convince you to do something, especially if deep down you really want to do it anyway! 

Plus, if the encouragement is coming from a group of notorious rappers, it’s easy to get caught up in the bright lights of fame and fortune. 

Tune into Song Snatch #169 and hear an example of the power of suggestion that almost seems to make sense from the Brooklyn old school hip-hop group, UTFO called “If You Don’t Wanna Get Pregnant”! 

(episode running time- 6 minutes and 36 seconds) 

(You can hear more UTFO songs at or and download them everywhere fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #168- "My Goo Flew All Over You" by Rich 'n Famous

Hello Music Lovers- 

Each week I sift through hundreds of fucked up and funny songs in my collection in search of a tune that both tickles my fancy and entertains you and gives you a chuckle. 

Well, today, after a very tough week, I went looking and “came across” this gem that’s so silly and goofy that I couldn’t resist! 

Here it is, Song Snatch #168, featuring a song from the exceptionally talented upstate NY songwriter Rich ‘n Famous called, “My Goo Flew All Over You”! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 32 seconds) 

(You can enjoy a few more laughs and hear more of Rich’s songs at 

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SONG SNATCH #167- "High As Fuck" by Jon Lajoie

Hello Music Lovers- 

Many of us have been there. 

You smoke a joint and next thing you know you’re so fucked up you don’t know whether to hide, eat a box of cheez-its, go for a walk, or vacuum the house!

In Song Snatch #167, French-Canadian comedy music artist, Jon Lajoie smokes a bone then rolls with the punches as told in his honest and heartfelt ballad, “High As Fuck”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 8 seconds) 

(You can hear more Jon Lajoie songs at, and download them everywhere fine music is sold.)

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