SONG SNATCH #128- "Kiss My Ass" by Denis Leary & The Enablers

Hello Music Lovers- 

Does your voting experience begin and end with American Idol? 

Is your plasma TV the size of a sheet of plywood? 

Do you drive a gas guzzling SUV, despise volunteering, and would rather stay home on your couch and play Wii? 

Then tune into Song Snatch #128, and to hear a song by comic and actor, Denis Leary who, like you, is proud to be an asshole American and doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks in his very own patriotic anthem, “Kiss My Ass”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 18 seconds) 

(You can hear more Denis Leary’s songs at, watch the video at, and download his songs wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #127- "I Ran Out Of Toilet Paper" by Terrible Tim

Hello Music Lovers- 

Life can be complicated and sometimes unfair. 

You’re in the head on the toilet and everything is going smoothly. 

You catch up on a little reading but when it’s time to clean up, you can’t believe your eyes. 

No toilet paper! Now what? 

How you solve this dilemma is your problem, but I guarantee that once you’ve heard this song, you won’t be able to get it out of your head! 

Tune into Song Snatch #127, and hear Staten Island, NY songwriter and prankster, Terrible Tim sing his song of despair, “I Ran Out Of Toilet Paper”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 31 seconds) 

(You can hear Terrible Tim songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)


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SONG SNATCH #126- "Tits And Whiskey" by Mary Prankster

Hello Music Lovers- 

What kind of song do you write when you’re a sexy, woman art punk rocker who is known for your cutting, witty, and sarcastic lyrics, and you’re setting out to write “the most obnoxious song ever”?

Get ready for some good old fashioned naughty fun in Song Snatch #127 when Baltimore singer/songwriter Mary Prankster belts out her rocking tune, “Tits And Whiskey”! 

(episode running time- 2 minutes and 50 seconds) 

(You can learn more about Mary Prankster  songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #125- "Road Rage" by Poop House Reilly

Hello Music Lovers- 

You’re in your vehicle and in a good mood, all mellow. You’re just moseying along, minding your own business, when some asshole drifts into your lane and hits the brakes. 

You go from cool, calm, and collected to exploding in anger and you start screaming threats and profanities at the top of your lungs! 

Hear a perfect example of tranquility turning into mayhem in Song Snatch #125 as Columbus, OH band, Poop House Reilly sings, “Road Rage”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 20 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Poop House Reilly’s songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #124- "Jerk-Wad Dip Shit" by The Frantics

Hello Music Lovers- 

There's a song recorded by a Canadian comedy troupe that busts the balls of several saint-like celebrities and public figures and skewers, scorches, and besmirches their character in a most satirical and humorous way. 

For a good chuckle, check out Song Snatch #124, and hear “Jerk-Wad Dip Shit” by The Frantics! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 12 seconds) 

(You can hear more of The Frantics’ songs and bits at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #123- "Holy Shit, I Gotta Pee!" by Pig Vomit

Hello Music Lovers- 

We’ve all been there. Every one of us. 

We’re out and about when gradually and sometimes suddenly we have to pee real bad. 

Sometimes we have a clear path to the restroom or even a convenient outside area to relieve ourselves and that’s that. Crisis over. 

But wait.

Many times there’s a delay or a roadblock to the bathroom that causes the pressure to build and the urgency to grow to the point of desperation! 

Experience this predicament in Song Snatch #123 as the New York comedy music group, Pig Vomit (now The Vibratones) capture the essence of this plight perfectly in their song, “Holy Shit, I Gotta Pee”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 12 seconds) 

(You can hear more Pig Vomit songs at iTunes and more info about The Vibratones at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #122- "Looking For Pussy" by Dr. Hook

Hello Music Lovers- 

Did you ever find yourself thinking about a girl so much and crave her so much that it hurts, takes over you and you wonder where she is and who’s she with and you just gotta be with her? 

Dr. Hook knows the feeling and cries out in Song Snatch #122 in his little known song and rare recording, “Looking For Pussy”! 

(episode running time- 2 minutes and 36 seconds) 

(You can hear more Dr. Hook songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #121- "Hampsters" by The Tiger Lilies

Hello Music Lovers- 

In music today there are plenty of beautiful women singing about being in love as they run through meadows in slow motion with handsome young men. 

But is there any room for a dark themed, castrati singing, accordion lead cabaret trio whose twisted humor creates in your face songs about drug addiction, prostitution, violence, and stuffing hamsters up your rectum? 

Well, sort of, but just barely! 

But London based The Tiger Lilies actively tour the world to shock, amuse and entertain in their own odd way as demonstrated in Song Snatch #121 with their catchy little ditty about stuffing rodents into your rectum, “Hampsters”! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 46 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Tiger Lilies songs at, and download their songs wherever fine music is sold.)

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Song Snatch #120- "The Rodeo Song" by Garry Lee and Showdown

Hello Music Lovers- 

In 1980 a little known country band from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada recorded a witty and catchy curse filled song that made them an unsuspecting overnight sensation. 

And although they warned radio programmers to NOT play the track on the air, they couldn’t resist bleeping the song for broadcast and the fun began! 

Tune into Song Snatch #120 and enjoy Garry Lee and Showdown sing their classic, salty take on rodeo life, “The Rodeo Song”! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 21 seconds) 

(You can hear and download more of Garry Lee & Showdown songs at iTunes and wherever fine music is sold.)

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