SONG SNATCH #119- "I Don't Do Shit" by Crudbump

Hello Music Lovers- 

Some people are satisfied to just sit around all day on the computer, watch tv and rarely ever leave the house. 

Song Snatch #119 is a musical shout out championing sitting down, lying down, doing endless internet surfing and other acts of imagining what it’s like to actually do stuff, a song by Columbus, Ohio author, artist, and musician, Crudbump and his ode to the idle, “I Don’t Do Shit”!

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 41 seconds) 

(You can hear more Crudbump songs and watch his videos at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #118- "Too Drunk To Fuck" by King Con

Hello Music Lovers-

College is in session and the bars and the parties are hopping and in full swing and the booze is flowing. 

But you don’t have to be a young man to suffer the consequences and side effects from over doing it and imbibing in a little bit too much alcohol! 

Just ask California party rocker King Con in Song Snatch #118 and he’ll tell you about his own experience in his down and dirty musical confession, “Too Drunk To Fuck”! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 55 seconds) 

(You can hear more of King Con songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #117- "Your Sister" by TQ and Too $hort

Hello Music Lovers- 

It’s human nature. 

You hang out constantly with your best friend and you’re always at his family’s house. 

Before you know it you’re flirting with his cute sister. 

Sometimes she even answers the door, teases you with her smile and eventually that certain urge and feeling takes over and you kind of forget you’re there for her brother! 

Here’s such a tantalizing scenario in Song Snatch #117 from the great Compton, CA R&B singer TQ and his honest admission of love and lust to his friend featuring rapper, Too $hort, “Your Sister”! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 33 seconds) 

(You can hear more of TQ’s songs at and Too $hort at, and download their music wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #116- "You Suck" by Consolidated & The Yeastie Girlz

With all this talk of BJs, I figured I'd be fair and balanced and post a tune for the ladies!

Hello Music Lovers- 

Anyone that knows anything about intimate relationships between a man and a woman, knows it’s a two way street and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. 

In other words, if you want to receive, you better learn to give! 

Take a cue in Song Snatch #116 from the radical activist industrial/hip-hop group Consolidated together with the all-female punk trio from SF, The Yeastie Girlz, to lay it out loud and clear in their angry proclamation, “You Suck”! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 36 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Yeastie Girlz songs at, and learn more about Consolidated at Wikipedia and download their songs at itunes, amazon, and wherever fine music is sold.)

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SONG SNATCH #115- "Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)" by Red Peters + Todd Rundgren

Hello Music Lovers- 

It was 30 years ago this summer that my producer Eddie Grenga and I sat down and penned “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me) the very 1st song I ever recorded as Red Peters. 

About a year ago or so, I learned from fans that songwriter and producer Todd Rundgren was performing the song live in concert with his band on their American tour. 

Since I had just undertaken a new project collaborating with other artists, I asked him if he wanted to record a duet of the song. 

He agreed and before you knew it, Eddie had written and produced a new arrangement and Todd was singing his part in Hawaii and me mine in Boston! 

I even had Eddie locate 2 of the original surviving members of the Alan Pinchloaf Singers who sang on the 1st recording. And when they made their way into the studio that day, one with a walker and the other with an oxygen tank, I knew this session was going to be extra special! 

I cordially invite you to tune into Song Snatch #115 to hear my hot, new release that when it comes out I hope it makes a splash, my new duet with Todd Rundgren, “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)”! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 22 seconds)

(You can hear more of my songs at, and Todd Rundgren’s songs at and download their songs, including the new "Blow Me" wherever fine music is sold.)


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SONG SNATCH #114- "Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)" by Red Peters and The Alan Pinchloaf Singers

REPLAY- This summer (2014) marks the 30th anniversary of the writing and recording of the original "Blow Me"! 

Hello Music Lovers- 

There’s a song that has faked out unsuspecting wedding guests and juke box fans for years and has closed an untold number of bars across the country each night since it’s release as a 45rpm single in 1984. 

Join me and listen to Song Snatch #114, to travel back to a time when slow dancing to the big bands was king, make it a ladies (or gentleman’s) choice, and listen to the very first song I (Red Peters) ever recorded with The Babe Marino Orchestra and The Alan Pinchloaf Singers, “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)” ! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 26 seconds)

(You can hear more of my songs and download them at iTunes and wherever fine music is sold; also at and, and sing-a-long to all your favorites at

photo to right- Red premiering "Blow Me" in 1984 aboard the MV Martha Washington in Boston Harbor, August 1984. Babe Marino is to Red's right in white. (credit- Malcolm Hewitt)


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SONG SNATCH #113- "The Fox" by MacLean and MacLean

Hello Music Lovers-

Have you ever heard the story of the fox? 

It’s in the form of a simple song, the kind they don’t write anymore and a fun sing-a-long (so pay close attention to the words). 

Join in on Song Snatch #113 along with the late, great Winnepeg, Manitoba comedy music duo and brothers, MacLean & MacLean as they sing a live version of their tune, “The Fox”! 

(episode running time- 2 minutes and 32 seconds) 

(You can hear more MacLean & MacLean songs at, and download them wherever fine music is sold.) 

(photo to right- Gary MacLean, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, and Blair MacLean)

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