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SONG SNATCH #30- "Grab Your Ankles, I Love You" by Brian Weeks

Hello Music Lovers, 

I’ve found that in a relationship, sometimes it’s a good idea to offer a few suggestions or propositions to your mate to spice it up a bit, make things more interesting and maybe even have some fun, don’t you? 

That’s what Western Massachusetts singer/songwriter, Brian Weeks does in Song Snatch #30 with his tune, “Grab Your Ankles, I Love You”! 

(episode running time- 2 minutes and 49 seconds )

(You can hear more of Brian’s songs at iTunes and

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SONG SNATCH #29- "Enormous Penis" by DaVinci's Notebook

Hello Music Lovers, 

Let’s face it. Life can be tough.

And when you’re down and wearing a frown, feeling out of hope and at the end of your rope, can you depend on anyone to throw you a line? 

No? Well maybe it’s time to take a good look inside… your pants! 

Cheer up and take a few minutes to tune into Song Snatch #29 and hear a tune from the Arlington, Virginia a cappella group, Da Vinci’s Notebook (now known as Paul and Storm) that’ll put a smile on your face and have you humming it for days (hopefully not out loud!) their song, “Enormous Penis”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 15 seconds)

(You can follow Paul and Storm and hear more of their songs at

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SONG SNATCH #28- "The Recycler" by Probing Digit

Hello Music Lovers, 

Someone once told me that God wouldn’t have made our arms so long if it wasn’t ok to masturbate. 

But what about self oral gratification?

I’m sure many of us have tried and there’s been a lotta stiff necks and sprained backs along the way! 

Check out Song Snatch #28 and hear the hard rocking Albany, NY band, Probing Digit offer their take on the subject, “The Recycler”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 29 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Probing Digit songs at and download them at iTunes and all fine music download sites.)

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT #5- author Melissa Mohr

Melissa Mohr- "Holy Shit- A Brief History Of Swearing"

Where did swearing begin? Who swore and why?

Welcome to Episode #5 of my interview series, The Song Snatch ARTIST SPOTLIGHT where I feature a short conversation with THE most original recording artists, free thinkers and creators on the planet.

And since I celebrate and play songs that are uncut and uncensored, and many times contain explicit lyrics, today’s spotlight is on author Melissa Mohr, who holds a PhD from Stanford and wrote a fascinating and revealing book called, “Holy Shit- A Brief History Of Swearing”. 

I spoke with Melissa recently via skype from her home in Somerville, Massachusetts and we recounted many of the fun facts and stories from her book and discussed people’s attitudes toward swearing through the ages. 

(episode running time- 8 minutes and 56 seconds) 

(“Holy Shit- A Brief History Of Swearing” by Melissa Mohr is available from Oxford University Press and can be downloaded or purchased at amazon, barnes and noble, ibooks and all major booksellers.)

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SONG SNATCH #27- "Will You Swallow My Come?" by Larry Pierce and -itis

Hello Music Lovers, 

What do you do when the band stops playing and it’s time to go home?

For some, the answer can be a tough one to swallow! 

Learn why when you tune into Song Snatch #27 and hear the great Indiana comedy music singer/songwriter Larry Pierce with his band -itis serve up a mouthful with their song, “Will You Swallow My Come?”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 6 seconds)

(You can download Larry’s songs at iTunes and pay him a visit at

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