SONG SNATCH #26- "Everybody's Out To Fuck You" by The Beanweevils

Hello Music Lovers, 

As we look around this world we live in, one can’t help but wonder, “Hey, am I getting screwed or what?”

The sad fact is, you probably are! 

Take a listen to Song Snatch #26 and the great San Francisco band, The Beanweevils as they sing a song that tells it like it really is, “Everybody’s Out To Fuck You”! 

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 07 seconds)

(You can hear more Beanweevil songs at

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SONG SNATCH #25- "How's Your Whole... Family?" by Red Peters and The Poisonaires

Hello Music Lovers, 

Remember like in third grade you’d feel like you were getting away with something when you’d fool around and pause mid-sentence to make it sound like you were saying something really dirty or naughty? Then a second or two later you’d finish the sentence and it would turn out to be completely harmless and sorta goofy?

No? That’s too bad. I did it all the time! And when I grew up (ahem), I put some of my favorite sayings to words and music. 

Tune into Song Snatch #25 and hear, yours truly, Red Peters and the Poisonaires sing my favorite song, “How’s Your Whole… Family?”! 

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 59 seconds)

(You can hear more of my songs at, and sing-a-long to karaoke versions at

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SONG SNATCH #24- "Innocence Of Youth" by Kurt Johnson and The Real Happy Hour

Hello Music Lovers, 

I’ll never forget when I was about 12 years old, a kid in the neighborhood told me all about whacking off.

I went home and tried it out later that day, loved it, and since then I’ve never looked back. I haven’t had time! 

On that note, tune into Song Snatch #24 and hear a tune from Chicago songwriter, Kurt Johnson of The Real Happy Hour called “Innocence Of Youth”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 28 seconds) 

(You can learn more about Kurt Johnson and The Real Happy Hour at

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SONG SNATCH #23- "Baby Gotta Butt" by Mr. Dickie Weed

Hello Music Lovers, 

As I said in the previous episode, you’re either a tit man or you’re an ass man.

And if you’re an ass man, you may prefer a small ass, a round ass, or a nice big, wide ass! Hey, whatever.

Tune into Song Snatch #23 , and hear the great Nashville singer/songwriter, Mr. Dickie Weed describe an ass he once saw in his song, “Baby Gotta Butt”! 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 51 seconds) 

(You can hear more of Dickie’s songs at and at iTunes.)

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SONG SNATCH #22- "I Love Your Tits" by The Fools

Hello Music Lovers,

Are you a tit man or an ass man?

I bet if you’re a tit man, you’re seldom bored, because there’s never a shortage or lack of variety to appreciate, and there’s no such thing as too many, right? 

Tune into Song Snatch #22, and hear how Boston rockers, The Fools, profess their adoration for and musically celebrate man’s two best friends in their song, “I Love Your Tits”!

(episode running time- 3 minutes and 40 seconds) 

(You can hear more Fools songs at, and download their songs at iTunes.)

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